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52 jars canned , 4.5 hours , 11 adults, 8 kids

18 jars Christine finished at home till 1:30 am… 

6 jars of beets Robin finished in the morning

and Some fine Da Cappo Pizza…

i would like to thank everyone who came out Wednesday and Friday night to make our first annual canning bee such a success, especially Christine Gue, her hard work, experience, and great leadership made it a successful evening.

I think i can speak for the whole EOGG family on Friday night, in that we all enjoyed ourselves, learned a lot; working together brings us closer together and develops new friendships; how to can carrots, relish, jams, beets (although beets didn’t make it to the 10:30 cutoff) ummmm how quickly we can work under pressure, 10:30 cutoff meant we had to be out of there before alarm system kicked in, we were out 6 mins before, teamwork goes a long way.  
I learned that i like canning bees, it is much more fun to work with a wonderful group of people such as we have at Eogg, and that working together as a collective on the farm feels very natural, cultural, and enjoyable, hard work and all 😀

A special thanks to Kevin for looking after the bebsies while we were busy in the kitchen, crafts and all!
thank you,
Elvira Falconer and famiglia 

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