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We had planned to plant the garlic on Wednesday but there just is not enough time

in an evening to get it done – it gets dark early and we had rain.


The new garlic field being built up and the soil improved. So far  7  loads ( 24 yards ) of

composted manure loaded, hauled, spread and tilled in.


Trench along chainlink fence dug out to save the soil and raise the elevation of the

garlic planting area. Trench is 150 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, 1 foot deep  –  14 yards

of soil dug out and added to garlic planting area.


New landscape fabric and multiflow drainage tile laid into trench.


Fabric wrapped around the drainage tile and then nailed down. 


Trench filled back in with composted sheep bedding material from the sheep field.

This material will create a 2.5 foot walking path along the chainlink fence that will be 

easy to weed.


Roman, Robert, Elvira and kids loading, hauling, spreading and packing the last

of the trench in the dark and the rain. These pictures were taken at 6:30 pm on

Wednesday enening.

Take notice of the change on the outside of the chainlink fence. The University staff

have taken away all the stuff that was stored along the fence. I then pulled and bagged 

the weeds and garbage,.cut the grass and blew away the weed seeds.
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