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Pictures above of potatoes stored in the barn.   261.5 kgs   /   575.3 lbs

42 kgs – Gourmet Banana

43.5 kgs – Bintje

20 kgs – Pink and Yellow

151 kgs – Russet

5 kgs – Red   ( not Red Norland just Red according to Marshal )


October 5  –  509 hills of potatoes in the field

October 12  –  191 hills of potatoes in the field

Good potato harvest for a week, lots of potatoes found a new home  ( hopefully an honorable

home ). Still lots of potatoes to be harvested, sorted and stored.


Potatoes still in the field:

5 hills of Gourmet Banana

6 hills of Yukon Gold

15 hills of Pink and Yellow

18 hills of Red Norland

27 hills of Bintje

120 hills of Burbank Russet


We will need to collect, sort and store some of these remaining potatoes for seed

or next years crop.



Please dig the hills carefully and completely, this is the treasure recovered from 200 feet

of redug Red Norland potato hills.     40 kgs   /   88 lbs

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