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This year with the suggestion from some of our members we decided to hold the Harvest Dinner on September 12, and our Annual General Meeting on September 24.

The Harvest Dinner was as usual a terrific event, about fifty members and guests were present and the food gets better every year with an assortment of dishes made from the numerous crops we produce at the garden. As you can see by our EOGG site the recipe additions continue to grow. We had a beautiful day and a good time was had by all.

Our AGM was held on Saturday September 24th immediately following lunch.
Martin was re-elected as President and the following were elected to the the board, Joss, Margaret, Gabrielle, Donna, Morris and Chris. Welcome returning board members and also welcome new board members, Gabrielle and Donna.
Thank you to all board members for stepping forward and taking on the responsibility of helping to run the garden efficiently and promoting a positive community spirit for every ones enjoyment .


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