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We need a simple solution to (i) sift compost, (ii) separate large chunks that are should go back in the composter, AND (iii) spread compost.

I found two options (videos below). Which do you like?

Option 1: Rotating Trommel


  • bike parts
  • mesh
  • wood frame
  • used belt

Collect the sifted compost below. Collect the large chunks at the end. Haul the sifted compost to location for spreading. I wonder if there’s a way to make it human powered (e.g. hand crank or bicycle gears)?

Option 2: Spreader


  • bike parts
  • mesh
  • wheels
  • frame that can be pulled
  • used golf balls

Put the compost in. Pull the spreader. It sifts when it spreads. Modify the wheels so that the bin doesn’t rotate.


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